This Beauty Vlogger’s Viral Video Uses Makeup to Stand Up to Haters

Nabela Noor has a message for her haters—and it’s written in her contour.

There are millions of makeup tutorials on Instagram, usually hosted by beauty gurus who transform their bare faces into flawless works of art. But Instagram star Nabela Noor's now-viral videotakes the typical makeup tutorial a step further by incorporating a powerful message of self-love.

At the start, the tutorial appears no different from the countless others on Noor’s popular Instagram profile, which currently boasts more than 477,000 followers. Makeup-free, she uses a dropper to apply shimmering pink Farsáli Unicorn Essence ($54, to her skin. In previous tutorials, Noor would typically move on to applying foundation and concealer—but instead, the video takes an unexpected turn.

Using a brown contouring product, Noor writes the words "pig", "fat", and "ugly" on her face.Her eyes well up, and she wipes away tears. "In 2017, I was called a pig, fat, ugly, a monster… I was told I should kill myself because of how I look," she explains in the caption of the video. "I received thousands of messages like this all year & there have been times where I let those words destroy me."

Noor shows that she's not letting these hateful words affect her mind—or makeup—for long, and effortlessly blends them into nothing, replacing them with the phrase "I <3 Me" using a red color correcting pen from Maybelline ($10, and an Urban Decay concealer ($29, Not only is the finish flawless, but Noor's message of overcoming negativity and self-doubt is clear.

Noor explained that the video is an extension of her New Year's resolution to have a more positive self-image. "[A]s 2018 begins, I’m leaving behind all of the words that once hurt me—all of the doubt that once controlled me. No one can tell us who we are. We are glorious. We are beautiful. We are worthy."

The rest of the tutorial results in a stunning final look, made even more gorgeous by Noor’s smiling face. It'sbeen viewed over 600,000 times (and counting), and major beauty brands and influencers are reposting to spread Noor's message of self-love, including Too Faced and Huda Kattan, founder of Huda Beauty.

This isn’t the first time Noor has used her social media platform to raise awareness for body positivity and self-love; her Youtube channel has more than 436,000 subscribers, and a powerful video from August called "YES IM FAT" received 624,674 views."Before commenting on someone's weight/body, please be mindful that you have no idea where they are on their journey," she wrote in the caption of that video.

Here’s hoping more social media stars use their influence to promote such positive messages in 2018.

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