This Curvy Model Remade a Naked Gigi Hadid Ad: ‘I Was Just Wondering How a Model My Size Would Look’

See the sexy image that's smashing beauty standards.

Considering how slimmer models totally dominate fashion and beauty ads, it's no wonder so many curvy women feel less than beautiful. Fed up with these unrealistic body standards and determined to champion body diversity, one model and body positive activist came up with a pretty cheeky idea.

Diana Sirokai remade a popular Stuart Weitzman fashion campaign featuring supermodel Gigi Hadid and posted it on Instagram—and just like Hadid, she's totally naked, save for a pair of high heel boots.

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In her post, Sirokai took Hadid's image in the ad and placed it under a photo of herself posing the same way, showing a side-by-side comparison. "I was just wondering how a Model My Size would look on this," she captioned the image.

Sirokai shared her post on December 23, and it's since racked up over 24K likes on Instagram. After some commenters argued over whether Sirokai or Hadid looked better, Sirokai stepped in to explain that pitting her body against Hadid's was never her motive.

"By recreating this ad I was hoping to inspire all types of women," she said in an interview with Insider. "I was also hoping to open brands' view on using different type[s] of models for the ad. I think we can all rock the world." Based on the supportive comments she's received, Sirokai's ad has been a major hit. "You are absolutely gorgeous. I would love to see a campaign with you two ladies together!!!" wrote one commenter.

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Other models have taken to social media to recreate popular ad campaigns and prove that all bodies can look fashionable and beautiful. SI Swim rookie Tabria Majors, for example, showed off her curves in November in her recreation of a Victoria's Secret advertisement.

Sirokai summed it up best on her Instagram page: "You need to understand its okay not to fit in a certain category. You were born to stand out! We all go through different stages of our body and I am happy to slay all stages! Yes I am overweight, yes I have cellulite, yes I have thick thighs, arms, I have tummy and so what?"

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