This Surprising Pantry Staple Can Fix a Broken Nail

Because glue is so 2017.

Maybe your New Year's Eve manicure is still looking top notch. Or maybe you've already managed to break a nail a day or two after your trending barely there mani. Either way, before you reach for the glue bottle or beeline to your nail salon, here's a simple way to repair the damage: Grab a tea bag.

Yes, you read that right. The commonplace kitchen item can help you fix a broken nail sans fuss or much hassle. As TODAY recently reported, all you need is a tea bag, clear polish, scissors, and a nail file or buffing block. You'll also need nail polish remover if you're sporting any polish.

First, if necessary, use the polish remover to clean the nail(s). Then cut up the tea bag into a shape big enough to cover your tear (or big enough to cover the entire nail, if you prefer). Next, apply your base coat or clear polish, and swiftly put your tea bag "gauze" on the nail. Firmly press down to ensure no air gets in between the tea bag and your nail, and apply another coat of clear polish to seal everything together. After your nail has dried, you can use a file or buffer to spiff up your nail and then proceed to apply any other polish as usual. Bonus: This tip also works on weak or thin nails, even if there's no tear.

We've been waiting an oolong time for this one, ladies.

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