This Vitamin C Mask Looks and Feels Like Rubber—But the Results Are Amazing

My new favorite mask guarantees bizarre selfies and plump, hydrated skin.

Ever since I started taking my skincare routine more seriously, I’ve been on a vitamin C kick that I just can’t shake.Its many skincare benefits, from fighting signs of aging to brightening to erasing the look of dark spots, have me totally hooked. But I’ve found that most vitamin C-packed products are serums, and a girl only needs so many of those in her rotation.

While researching more ways to incorporate vitamin C into my regimen, I came across a bizarre-looking treatment: skyn ICELAND Arctic Hydration Rubberizing Mask with Vitamin C ($30 for 3 masks, a lover of face masks, I was instantly intrigued and decided to see what exactly a "rubberizing" mask might feel like.

Each mask—there are three in each set, or $10 per application—arrives in its own small white plastic container, which I later realized would also serve as a mixing tray. Inside the container, I found a mixing stick and two pouches of product, a Gel Base and Treatment Powder. At first, I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of steps necessary, since I’m used to just throwing on a sheet mask—but the idea of mixing my own product was also exciting. I poured the clear jelly and the orange powder into the container and began to stir it up.

The concoction almost immediately transformed into an orange, gelatinous mess, and I couldn't wait to slather it on.The application was pretty messy, as my approach was to use the mixing stick to spread product on my face (and the directions advised applying a thick layer). As the mask dried, it dripped in a way that made my skin look a bit like a melting candle, and the texture seemed more like wax than rubber.


Bella Gerard

After twenty minutes of memorable selfies, it was time to remove the mask. While it still looked like wax, I was able to peel it off easily since it had dried into one solid piece—and it really did feel like rubber! I removed the entire thing in a matter of seconds, which was simultaneously creepy and satisfying.


Bella Gerard

I normally opt for purifying and detoxifying masks over hydrating ones like this skyn ICELAND one, so I was surprised by how refreshed my skin felt. Plump, smooth, and slightly cold to the touch, I couldn't stop touching it. While the mask was drying, I'd told my roommates that I likely wouldn't use it again due to the mess involved, but as soon as I saw my skin I knew I'd be using the other two applications as soon as possible.

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