We Asked 9 Wellness Influencers to Confess Their Unhealthiest Habit

Our favorite wellness gurus are constantly sharing their best advice with us. We admire their devotion to mental and physical fitness so much, we often forget that like everyone, they surely have some less-than-ideal habits too.

As 2018 approaches and we begin brainstorming our New Year's resolutions, we wanted to find out what bad behaviors trainers and nutritionists cop to. Here's what they confessed to us—each unhealthy habit is a solid reminder that even the fittest pros have a weakness for French Fries or don't clock in enough sleep, among other things!

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“I have a secret; I am addicted to chocolate chip cookies. Every morning I go to my favorite coffee shop, and they have the most incredible freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. I try my hardest not to eat them, but I almost always buy one.”

—Harley Pasternak, celebrity trainer

“I'm a serious sloucher! I'm aware of the negative impact of poor posture, but I still find myself hunching over my laptop too often. It drives me crazy when I catch myself or see it in a photo, but it's the one bad habit that's been the most difficult for me to overcome."

—Cynthia Sass, RD, Health contributing nutrition editor

“My sleep sometimes really suffers because I'm always pushing to finish projects. I have a hard time walking away from something and saying, "Okay Cassey, it's time to go to bed. We can work on this tomorrow." That then turns into sleep deprivation!”

—Cassey Ho, fitness influencer and founder of Blogilates

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“I would have to say my unhealthiest habits are worrying and cereal. My anxiety is through the roof most of the time, which is something I'm really working on lately. With cereal, usually I can keep the cravings under control, but there's really nothing like a huge bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios to satisfy the craving gremlins.”

—Lauren Williams, fitness expert and influencer

“I long for the day that I can actually sleep In, no alarm, and get 7 hours of sleep. These days, I average about 5 hours of sleep!”

—David Kirsch, celebrity trainer

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“[My unhealthiest habit is] not making time for a proper meal. Let's face it. We can all find 15 minutes to put our phones down, find a quiet place, and just focus on eating and digestion. But during my workweek, I often get so caught up that I end up eating on the fly or during meetings. This usually leads to eating too quickly and poor digestion and I regret it afterwards. So, if I find myself stuck in this pattern, I try to stop, take a deep breath, step away for 15 minutes, and just truly enjoy warm spoonfuls of delicious food."

—Anna Kaiser, celebrity trainer and founder of AKT inMotion

“Mentally, my unhealthiest habit would be comparing myself to where I'm at in my career with others. It's human to look at other [people's] lives and subconsciously compare, but we must remember that where we are right now is the exact path we are supposed to be on!”

—Katie Austin, fitness author and blogger

“My unhealthy habit is getting a frozen yogurt with approximately my bodyweight in Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as the topping (and since this is a tell all, I put them on the bottom too)."

—Gunnar Peterson, celebrity trainer

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“I think my unhealthy habit—besides wanting that second glass of wine once I open a bottle—is French fries. Once I order a burger, my healthy sensibilities seem to go right out the window: forget the side salad, dish up some fries! But that’s okay. I’m all about living comfortably and enjoying life, and I don’t deprive myself of the things I love. I just keep in mind that they are an indulgence to fully enjoy in the moment!”

—Denise Austin, fitness expert and creator of LifeFit

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