When is Emmerdale on over Christmas and New Year? Full episode schedule

When is Emmerdale on over Christmas and New Year? Full episode guide
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Emmerdale’s timings are all over the place this Christmas but with so much going on in the village – from a bizarre journey for Robert Sugden to more angst for Moira Dingle – you don’t want to miss a thing. So we have pulled together a nice, in depth guide for everything coming up and when.

Put these dates in your diaries, Dales fans!

Christmas Day: 5:50pm

Hour long episode.

Robert faces a bizarre journey as he wakes up in several different realities. As he faces up to the events of the past year, will his Christmas Carol like experience give him an epiphany? Elsewhere, Aaron’s mind is elsewhere as he and Alex attend the Dingles’ for lunch.

Boxing Day: 6:10pm

Faith tries to help Aaron in Emmerdale
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Aaron comes clean about his self harming to Alex after a pep talk from Faith while Gerry suffers from a hangover. Chrissie urges Rebecca to get rid of the presents Robert left for Seb.

Wednesday 27th December: 7pm

Alex and Aaron continue to grow closer, much to Liv’s delight while Victoria pledges to help Robert see Seb. Zak comes up with an idea to try and help the Dingles keep their home and enlists Faith’s support.

Thursday 28th December: 7pm

Hour long episode

Rebecca makes plans while Robert realises what Lachlan has done and considers his next move. Morris introduces himself to Jimmy and could be about to lure him into the golf course plans. Bernice plans to go on a date with Daz.

Friday 29th December: 7pm

The Dingles prepare for the enquiry and Jimmy is nervous about his involvement while Chrissie and Rebecca try to deal with their situation.

New Year’s Day: 7pm

Sam’s plan backfires but is Tom behind it? Cain and Harriet feel the strain while Lachlan attempts to persuade Chrissie to agree to buy a flat but will she be swayed?

Tuesday 2nd January: 7pm

Hour long episode.

Faith’s support is met with gratitude from Moira while Debbie is shown around the office as she starts work with Tom but when she is lured into signing some important paperwork, there are big consequences.

Wednesday 3rd January: 7pm

Moira despairs at Cain in Emmerdale
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Moira lashes out at Cain when he tells her again that he loves her while Tom tries to win Debbie round. The police arrive with more questions and Jacob tries to change Leyla’s mind about moving to Greece.

Thursday 4th January: 7pm

Liv makes plans for Aaron’s birthday and Leyla tries to persuade Jacob that her move to Greece will be a good thing. Debbie has a decision to make over Tom and tension rises between Bob and Brenda.

Thursday 4th January: 8pm

Cain and Moira try to sort things out while Alex tries to cheer up a sad Aaron. Debbie is left reeling after recent events but where does Tom stand with her? Doug makes an attempt to lift Bob’s spirits.

Friday 5th January

Cain is left furious by recent events. Meanwhile he makes an effort with Harriet but does his heart remain with Moira? Robert sees an opportunity to help Alex where Aaron is concerned but what will he do?

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